Wildwood Flower – fingerpicking + TAB! Learn to play, guitar lesson

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Tab at www.guitarnick.com Play the free tab of this acoustic fingerstyle guitar version of Wildwood Flower. You find lots of free accurate guitar tabs and lessons on www.guitarnick.com


Dan Hone says:

Could you do one for flatpicking?

xSpecStar says:

You are sepoust to study the tab, dipshit

stickygreenlettuce says:

Fantastic! Thank you.

wedontknowone1 says:

did you study the tab ?

stephreyn73 says:

Great lesson thanks..I just watched the chording first, got that down, then watched the picking and now I got it! Thanks great video!

TheGuitarNick says:

It is impossible to explain a fingerpicking song, go on the site and studying the tablature

Thelonesniper101 says:

I can’t understand a damn thing he done! No explaining at all? HOW CAN THIS BE CALLED A LESSON?

jon hoehandle says:

can someone explane how to read these tabs.

WesleyHardingJohn says:

Thanks for this!

GuitarTater says:

it is about time someone made a how to play this song, this one is the best ive seen so far.

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